Fun Information About Sheepshead Bay

Roll-N-Roaster has been a part of the Sheepshead Bay community since the 60s and has seen the area grow into what it is today. A lot has changed, but there is one thing that has not: Roll-N-Roaster. The quality of our food and service has been a hallmark of our business and we continue to expand and grow with the people of Brooklyn. Come down and visit our famous Sheepshead Bay roast beef sandwiches!

How Did Sheepshead Bay Get Its Name?

Sheepshead Bay is located on the eastern portion of Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. The mouth of the bay is around a mile to the southwest of Marine Park. The name "Sheepshead Bay" applies to the neighborhood that lies north of the bay, as well as the bay itself. It also got its names from the fish, sheepshead, which can be caught in the waters.

Boom of Sheepshead Bay

The 1990s brought a real estate boom to the area, as immigrants started living in the area. There has been a growth of condominium developments, as well as retail stores, seafood markets, and restaurants along the waterfront. It has become a go-to place for vacationers to Brooklyn, as well a nice place to spend the day for local Brooklynites. Along this waterfront is where you will find yours truly.

Celebrities From The Area

Quite a few famous celebrites have been born in Sheepshead Bay as well. Perhaps most notably is Larry David, the Curb Your Enthusiasm star and co-creator of Seinfeld. He was born there in 1947. Buddy Rich, famed  jazz drummer, was also born right in Sheepshead Bay in 1917. And if sports is more your thing, well then you'll probably be happy to know that Vince Lombardi called Sheepshead Bay home. Lombardi was a pioneering head coach in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers.

So, come on down to Roll-N-Roaster, located right by the water in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.