Roast Beef Sandwiches Brooklyn
Roll-n-Roaster Roast Beef  (cooked med or well done) 7.45
Roll-n-Roaster Roast Beef N Cheez  (cooked med or well done) 7.95
Roll-n-Roaster Turkey (served with gravy & side of whole cranberry sauce) 6.95
Roll-n-Fried Chicken (served with garlic mayo and pickles) 6.95
Roll-n-Grilled Chicken with Gravy (cooked well done) 5.95
Roll-n-Hamburger (cooked med or well done) 5.95
Roll-n-Cheezburger (cooked med or well done) 6.45
Roll-n-Western Cheezburger with onion rings & bulleye bbq (cooked med or well done) 7.95
Roll-n-NY Strip Steak (cooked med or well done) 8.95
Roll-n-Fish Fillet  5.95
Golden Fried Shrimp Cup (Lemon & Tartar)
Golden Fried Clam Strips (Lemon & Tartar) 5.95
Crispy Wings (1 Lb-Hot Garlic Sauce or Honey Mustard) 11.45
Chicken Tenders (Honey Mustard, Sweet & Sour, BBQ)   8.45
+ tax