Sheepshead Bay Sandwiches

Roll-N-Roaster has called Sheepshead Bay home for years. This area has become more popular over the years, but even with this popularity, many still do not know exactly why the bay is named "Sheepshead." You might be thinking, well, that's simple, early on residents and citizens alike noticed that the bay resembles the head of a sheep. Well, you'd be wrong. The bay is actually named after a species of fish called "sheepshead." This fish could be found in the bay during the time of its settlement, but is no longer found in the waters. Let's learn a little more about this aquatic being, shall we?

Sheepshead Fish Facts

The sheepshead is also known as the convict fish and it has a body that has a lightly colored background and prominent teeth that include incisors, molars and rounded grinders. It has a stark similarity to human teeth. It also has dorsal and anal fins that have strong, sharp spines. They can reach up to 36 inches, but are more common to be found in the 15 inch range.

As for their habitats, they live in coastal waters nears oyster bars, seawalls and in tidal creeks. They can also move closer to the shore during late winter and early spring for spawning. There are some that are only fractional spawners, which only lay a portion of their eggs at a time in inshore waters. They feed mostly on crustaceans and small fish.

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