Roast Beef Brooklyn

Roll-N-Roaster has been serving their "simply delicious" roast beef sandwiches in Brooklyn for nearly 50 years. Our famous Sheepshead Bay location has become a Brooklyn staple and people from all of the state, and even different parts of the country, have ventured down to our roast beef shop. We can cook our roast beef sandwiches to your liking, as we slowly roast it after your order. Once cooked to your preference, we pile it high on one of our own freshly baked rolls and top it off with some natural pan gravy. It is truly a combination to die for! Figuratively, not literally, of course!

And we are proud to announce that we now deliver! So if you live in the area and want some roast beef in your life, but have no means of getting here (or you're just lazy and want to stay in), then you are in luck! You can place an order on our website . And if you spend more than $35 on the order, you will get a free 12" pizza! Also, if you order online, you will get free cheez on any sandwich you pleez! Please allow up to an hour for delivery. You can check on our site, too, that if we deliver to your area and how much that delivery will cost ya. You can also order online and pick up at our store location if you so choose. If that is the route you go, please give us 20 minutes notice to complete your order. We thank everyone in Brooklyn who have vaulted our roast beef sandwiches into the stratosphere!