Nutritional Information About Roast Beef

Roast Beef is a specialty at Roll-N-Roaster and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Perhaps, it is best enjoyed hot on a toasted bun, at least we like to think so. But did you know that roast beef is also quite healthy? Roast beef from lean cuts of beef is low in fat, rich in protein and filled with beneficial minerals. It is also naturally low in calories. So it is delicious and good for you. What a combo!


The body needs protein, carbohydrates and fat for energy and roast beef can provide that energy. For every one ounce serving of the beef, you'll receive over seven grams of protein. For that same serving size, you will also consume 2 grams of fat, which is not too much to be unhealthy, but enough to make a difference in your body. You will also receive iron when consuming roast beef, which is needed in the human body to transport oxygen to the cells, tissues and vital organs.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is yet another healthy nutrient found in the roast beef. One three ounce slice of roast beef will give you roughly 2.7 micro-grams of B-12, which the body needs to make new blood cells and support normal brain functions. This one three ounce slice is all the B-12 you'll need. Lastly we come to sodium, which helps balance fluid in the body. Processed roast beef oftentimes has too much sodium, since it is used as a preservative. The body does not need too much sodium, but the roast beef we use if self-cut and thus lacks the extra preservatives.

Brooklyn's Famous Roast Beef Shop

Roll-N-Roaster has been providing the people of Brooklyn with outstanding and "simply delicious" roast beef sandwiches for years. We are located on the corner of Emmons and Nostrand Ave right in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. We specialize in roast beef sandwiches, but have a wide variety of other foods as well for your enjoyment. For more information about the healthiness of our roast beef sandwiches, come down and talk to us! And better yet, try one of our sandwiches for yourself! We are open from 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM from Sunday-Thursday and 11:30 AM - 12:30 AM on Friday and Saturday.