More Than Roast Beef Sandwiches

When it comes to quality roast beef sandwiches, Roll N Roaster has you covered! Located right in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, our "simply delicious" roast beef sandwiches have been leaving customers satisfied for decades! But although we are best know for our roast beef sandwiches, we also have a variety of other delicious foods and beverages for you to choose from to either enhance your roast beef sandwich experience or to simply change it up every once in a while. 

Roll N Roaster sides add quality and taste to any meal. You can go with the classics, like onion rings or mozzarella sticks. We serve two types of fries: standard fries or sweet potato fries. You can also get creative with our sides and choose the fries-n-cheez or golden fired corn fritters. For those potato lovers out there, we have mashed potatoes and a brown sugar and butter baked sweet potato. And Sheepshead Bay is right on the water, so if you're craving some clam chowder, we can fill you up. Lastly, as our healthier options, you can go with cole slaw, a caesar salad. or steamed vegetables. There is no shortage of options when it comes to our sides.

And what respectable Brooklyn restaurant wouldn't carry pizza? If you're feeling a pizza, you can order our personal 12" pie. Traditionally made or spicy with toppings such as pepperoni, sausage, and extra mozzarella. Oh, or add some roasted onions. 

Wash down your meal with our great selection of beer and wine. Get your usual favorites like Budweiser, Bud Lite, Heineken or Corona Extra. Beer not your thing? We also have red and white wines for a more elegant taste. And if you're celebrating, our Moet Champagne is just for you!

And top off your meal with one of our desserts. Freshly baked apple pies and ice cream cones and cups. You can top off anything with ice cream!

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So come down today to Roll N Roaster, located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and see what everyone is talking about! From roast beef sandwiches, to pizzas, to beer and wine, we have a selection of "simply delicious" foods and beverages sure to satisfy anyone's taste buds.